OzKleen is in partnership with Gelita, Queesnland Government & University of Queensland to create a new product to help fight COVID-19!

OzKleen and Gelita are currently developing a new antiviral surface cleaner that will dramatically reduce the surface transmission of COVID-19. While we await the discovery of an effective COVID-19 vaccine, minimising our risk of infection is crucial. During the pandemic, we’ve all learned the importance of hygiene to protect ourselves and minimise our exposure to the virus. This research partnership is not only a win for the health of Queenslanders, but also a win for local manufacturing jobs because OzKleen and GELITA will produce the surface cleaner locally in Brisbane.

OzKleen and GELITA will co-fund the research in conjunction with an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship. University of Queensland (UQ) researcher, Dr Heather Shewan is developing an antiviral surface cleaner that will help decrease the survival time of COVID-19 on surfaces. The project will benefit Queenslanders because of the surface cleaners’ active and long-lasting barrier against viruses and bacteria. This will be beneficial in high use areas such as public transport. Dr Shewan, will research the use of hydrolysed gelatine in antiviral cleaners. If her evaluation of thin-film material properties, virology and microbiology is successful, she will develop a cleaner that will dramatically reduce the risk of surface transmission.


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