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Oven Power puts a ‘bag’ on cooking grime

Rather than being one of the most dreaded household tasks, thanks to OzKleen, cleaning the oven is now easier than cooking dinner. Now available at Coles nationally, Oven Power is a complete oven cleaning system in a box, containing OzKleen’s unique Oven Power formulation, gloves and a Closure Bag. The Closure Bag makes cleaning racks and trays as easy as smearing them in Oven Power, popping them in the bag, leaving them and then rinsing them clean.

Based on very rich surfactant system, Oven Power is an extremely effective cleaning agent that cleans and revives ovens. It draws grease from the surface, which allows it to attack grease and grime from underneath. After using the kit, baked on grease will simply lift and peel from the surface. Oven Power comes in a gel, which grips the object you wish to clean. This maximises surface spread, which combined with the bag, minimises product wastage and provides the biggest bang for buck. Suitable for use on non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel, glass and enamel, OzKleen’s Oven Power Kit is easy to use and will leave your oven sparkling!

The product is a testament to OzKleen’s product research and development team, all of whom are based at OzKleen’s Queensland premises. OzKleen’s research has shown that cleaning the oven is one of the least favourite household chores and that people want the job done as quickly as possible.

Key features:

Is Easy to Use and will leave your oven sparkling! It’s suitable to use on non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel, glass and enamel saves You Time because you don’t waste time. Get the job done quickly – smear it, bag it, rinse it!

Eliminates Need to Scrub because the product does all the work. Ideal for people who want a clean oven and don’t want to waste time scrubbing• Removes Grease and Grime via a rich surfactant system that draws grease from the surface. This allows it to attack grease and grime from underneath, so baked on grease will simply lift and peel

Is as Simple as Using the Bag which means no mess, no fuss and no lingering smells. Place the racks in the Closure Bag, add the solution then leave it to sit for four hours or overnight. Too easy!

Reduces Wastage because Oven Power’s thick gel grips the object you wish to clean. Combined with the Closure Bag which contains the product, this maximizes surface spread and minimizes product wastage.

Use Oven Power on:

Ovens (including racks and trays), stove tops, barbeques and stainless steel cookware, including camping cookware.

Tip for Oven Power:

Leave racks and trays in the bag overnight and simply rinse/hose off the next day!

Directions for Oven Power:

Place the oven rack/tray in the Closure Bag
Pour the Oven Power solution into the bag, then seal
Move the bag around gently to ensure the entire rack is evenly covered

  • Soak for four hours or leave overnight
  • Peel back the bag
  • Squirt a few drops of detergent onto the rack and rinse with hot water
  • For inside the oven, simply smear the product and leave for four hours or overnight, then wipe out
  • See the amazing results!


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By: on 15 March 2022
Absolutely perfect. Left oven trays and wire racks overnight in bags.Wire racks were sparkling clean and bag was full of black gunk. Also cleaned oven trays that were so bad I was going to toss them , one was mostly clean(after overnight) , other was 80% clean which I have put bag in the bag and I'm confident by tomorrow it will be clean. Glad I found these at Aldi and now know they are also sold in other supermarkets.

Fantastic Oven Cleaner

By: on 7 February 2022
I have used every product available to clean ovens with loads of unpleasant chemicals. I gave this product a go and was blown away by the no fumes nor chemicals and brilliant clean it did with barely any scrubbing & my oven was dirty. I followed all instructions and left it overnight. I will now only use THIS PRODUCT! Well done OzKleen & thanks for making a laborious chore so much easier now

Love this product - it works!

By: on 6 October 2020
Amazing product that actually works exactly as stated on the pack as long as you follow their instructions. My oven racks were in a bad way I'd left it way too long to clean them and nothing was working to bring them back into a reasonable condition - but this Oven Power Kit worked perfectly, now the racks are so clean they look like brand new - love this product. Remember to wear the gloves enclosed with the product, that is very important. I will be buying more of this fantastic product.

Laundry detergent, oven cleaner

By: on 13 May 2020
Best oven cleaner ever, will always use product and have recommended product to others. Laundry detergent, first wash notice clothes were cleaner and only have a small amount in each wash.

Oven cleaner

By: on 8 March 2017
The only one we can use as we both have allergies. It dies an excellent job. So much so we have given packs as gifts to our elderly friends. All are delighted.

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